Staying in Faith

We all experience fear and doubt at times in our lives. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. But it is important to remember that we can stay in faith even when these feelings arise. By having faith in ourselves, our abilities, and a higher power, we can find strength to push through even the most difficult moments.

Having faith doesn't mean that fear and doubts will go away completely; rather, it means that we have the courage to face them head-on and trust that everything will work out for the best. Staying in faith allows us to find solace in knowing that no matter how challenging things may seem at times, there is always something greater than ourselves guiding us along the way.

I say, acknowledge what you are going though, break in the process if you need to - you are human, seek help to stay moving - this is important, but when you get through the process and when you come out on the other side, acknowledge that, give thanks and start the rebuild.


...always, me  

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